We were born at 5. 4. Our mother is CH Crystal Soul Měsíční kámen and daddy CH Chester Babí Hora. We are litter D. Devin, Desiree, Daenerys a Dorothy.

9. 3. 2018

This night was one of the wonderful. Jasmín Měsíčí kámen and Chester Babí Hora became parents of 4 babies, 2 babygirls - Cara Mia a Candy girl and

2 babyboys - Con a Cailean.

27. 2. 2018

Today was born 3 wonderul babyboys - Bastien Jane, Benjamin Jane a Buster Jane. The proud parents are Melanii Aladar a Chesterovi Babí hora. We are all very happy!

24. 2. 2018

In the beginning of April we are waiting for third litter in this year!