Parents of our kittens

they have a pedigree and are microchipped

they are healthy, regularly vaccinated and dewormed

before the breeding are both parents veterinary tests

we visit international exhibiton and our cats are judged by experts - their beauty and


they are feed with superpremium granules and their diet is supplemented with fresh beef

     meat and fishes.

they live with us at home, are used to visits, children and are surrounded by our love.


leave us at the 13th week of their life with pedigree, vaccinated, dewormed

and socialized.

are already used to cat food, can use a scratcher and a cat toilet.

we pay attention every kitten, cuddle with them to be used to human

    touch, natural home noise, play and could daily make You smile on your face.

when You choosing Your pet, we prefer personal contact and pre-visit.

We are honored to stay with the new owners in contact. We are happy to advise You

and answer Your questions.

Buy a kitten

labels at the kittens offer: FREE = kitten is for sale

RESERVED = was deposited non-refund deposit

OPTION = we are waiting to see how the kitten will

develop to grow

what You have to buy:

Transporting box


Toilet for cats

Cat litter

Bowls for water, meet and granules

Claw clippers

Quality food

We will be happy to advise you in advance.


We reserve the right to refuse the sale of every our kittens.